Online Video Tutorials in Oculoplastic Surgery

Video Kit, Editing and Publishing

To create the videos on this site I use:

1. A Sony HD Camera in full HD mode. I use the HDR-CX6 that records onto flash memory in the AVCHD mode. The lights and patient are set into positition, and the camera then zoomed in and focussed on the operative field. I trust the exposure to auto. The flip out screen is turned so I can see what footage is being recorded. The camera remote control is dropped into a sterile surgeons glove to control the start/stop. For most operations I simply record everything and then edit out the gaps.

2. A Hama Clamp. Hama make an excellent range of camera securing clamps. The clamp is attached to the arm of the ceiling mounted microscope.

3. A Manfrotto tripod. For the situations when I cannot use the clamp the Manfrotto tripod with boom arm is fantastic.

4. I edit on an Apple iMac using Final Cut Express and now Final Cut Pro X and save the output as a HD file, an M4V file and a flash file. The original unedited AVCHD is archived.

5. The Website was originally created with Dreamweaver, but the new HTML5 responsive site has been created with Rapidweaver including the Stacks plug in and a particularly nice stack called cleanVideos. The videos are now hosted on vimeo, where they can also all be accessed and downloaded as required.