Step by Step Video Tutorials in Oculoplastic Surgery

Welcome to Oculoplastics.info

Oculoplastics.info provides surgical trainees with free access to a comprehensive video atlas of step by step surgical techniques and tutorials. All the videos and tutorials are free to use, download, copy and distribute.
The videos are also available on YouTube and Vimeo, but they are all gathered together here to make it as easy as possible for this site to be used as an online video atlas. If downloading any video I recommend visiting the Vimeo site and download from there to access the best quality video.

I've updated the site in 2023 to make the navigation easier and the delivery of the videos faster and more reliable on all formats.

I wish you great success in your oculoplastic surgery.

For those of you also starting your career in cataract surgery I have a simple step by step guide to help you through your first cases. www.phacotutorials.info